1. M

    Hi all.

    Hello all. I have been type 2 for 4 years and 2 years ago diagnosed t1. I take 2 metformin a day and inject novomix 70/30 twice a day to maintain steady mmol. I struggle to inject in my stomach due to hitting nerves and veins a lot. I also shake a lot which doesn't help me. I'm tempted to...
  2. Manda

    Hypo Stomach Spasms

    Hi, When I get hypos they are always in the night and wake me up, the first sign that I'm having one is that I get really strong stomach spasms (along with shaking and feeling weak etc). Does anyone know what causes the stomach spasms? My stomach muscles ache loads the next day - can't find...
  3. robert@fm

    Bad stomach problems

    I have on two separate occasions recently got a bad stomach upset (near the end of a renal dialysis session, but that may be coincidental), such that I could hardly bear to finish the session. The most recent time was on Thursday 15th, and I had not only excruciating pain, but also nausea and...
  4. J

    Gangrenous & Perforated Appendix removal but high persistent sugar post surgery

    Hi, I'm type 1 since 1996, insulin pump 2013. I had my appendix removed 2 weeks ago after suffering with symptoms for 5 days before a doctor took me seriously. They performed an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy and found my appendix was gangrenous and perforated and was spilling into my...
  5. L

    Fatty Areas - Lipohypertrohy

    Hey! I've had diabetes for over 10 years now. I've always injected in my stomach which now looks awful! I feel like I look like I have a baby bump! I've been doing some research and I'm pretty sure it's lipohypertrophy - fatty lumps under the skin from not rotating my injection sites enough...