slimming world

  1. M

    Slimming world

    A very good morning to everyone. I would value an opinion on the following. I need to lose some weight and it seems everyone I know is doing slimming world, I even heard that gp’s are prescribing slimming world. Is it a good plan for those with Diabetes? It seems to me there is a huge reliance...
  2. Sharon Barker

    WW / SW / Weigh loss help please!

    Hey folks, I'm desperate for some weight loss advice please. I've been a T1 diabetic for 5.5 years and this last 6 months weight loss is becoming a nightmare. It started at Christmas when I was having real trouble controlling my sugars and had to use a corrective dose on and off for three...
  3. Imswan

    Losing Weight for Pre-pregnancy

    Hi Everyone, I just wondered if anyone else found the whole pre-pregnancy diet /losing weight ready for a safe pregnancy challenging? Becoming a mum is high on my priority list and I'm currently on a pre-pregnancy clinic as we're getting married in August! :D However, I'm finding it sooo...
  4. C

    New diagnosis - trying to work things out?

    Hi all , im a newbie here having received my diagosis on Friday 15th December. I had been having lunch with a couple of colleagues who happen to be nurses and mentioned I couldnt seem to quench my thirst!! Next thing I new I was being whisked off for a finger prick to find high glucose levels...