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  1. KayAnne

    Newcastle/VLCD Advice Please

    Hello, I'm still unsure about using forums so please bare with me if I waffle unnecessarily! I began following the 'Newcastle Diet' on my own (it's not offered in my area on the NHS) on the 3rd January. I have so far been doing well and not feeling hungry, losing 15lbs in my first 4 works...
  2. K

    Qrisk Assessment

    Hi, I'm a newbie with a question, so hello all. A little background, I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2017 with an HBA1C of 51, so I took it upon myself to 'right the wrong'. I then; Lost weight Lowered the carbs Ditched refined sugar (Not all ;)) Stopped drinking Exercised a little more than I...
  3. I

    Type2 cases for different paths

    All sensible Type 1 diabetics count carbohydrates Yet many would claim this isn't good for Type 2 diabetics - why is this? 1. They claim it upsets Type 2's and causes poor mental health. 2. They say that 'eating less and moving more' is enough. 3. They agree with the NHS, GPs (and( apparently...
  4. LilyJeffery

    Opportunity to participate in research exploring T2D lifestyle behaviours for remission (short survey) (UK-based)

    Are you living with Type 2 Diabetes, in the UK, and interested in taking part in a short research study? My name is Lily Jeffery, I am a post-graduate student at Manchester Metropolitan University, completing a MSc in Human Nutrition. I would like to invite you to take part in a short survey...
  5. W

    HBA1C down from 91 to 35 in a year (Type 2)

    Hello I am new to this forum under my new user name (I had an account before but realised too late that I could not change my user name so I have asked for that account to be deleted) In November last year I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes at the age of 60 (my mum,maternal aunties and uncles...
  6. F


    my other half has been an insulin dependent type 2 for over 30 years, he has had every complication under the sun and is a non communicator I recently discovered that all his insulin is out of date and when I queried this he told me that as his last couple of hb1ac have been good and he’s...
  7. Diabetes UK

    DUK Blog: What is Type 2 Remission?

    Douglas Twenefour and Emily Burns explain... Type 2 diabetes is serious. If it’s not managed properly, the consequences include a higher risk of amputations, heart disease and sight loss. We also refer to Type 2 diabetes as a lifelong condition. But what if there was another option? The world...
  8. Smitha

    Has anyone Reversed their Diabetes or put on Remission? Wondering if it is possible for a Type 2?

    Hello everyone, I am being diagnosed in July 2017 and still learning a lot everyday about Type 2 Diabetes. Just wondering has anyone Reversed their Diabetes or put on Remission? Is it possible for a Type 2 to be non diabetic or put it on remission if they loose a lot of weight around pancreas...