pre diabetic

  1. LittleSunflower

    Keto Diet for a Beginner

    Having being told I’m prediabetic a few months ago, I am still struggling to change my diet for the better. To begin with, I cut out all of the sweet stuff but have found myself going back to that during the lockdown period. I have been researching the Keto diet and would really like to try it...
  2. Talbothays Tess

    Pre diabetic - confused

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and have just introduced myself on the newbie's page but thought I would raise my question here too ( hope that is ok). Shocked today , as a result of routine blood test gp said I was pre diabetic. I just took the " are you at risk " questionnaire on this site and...
  3. W

    Pre Diabetes advice please

    Hi, I have been told that I am pre diabetic. I have an annual stroke review in December and have bloods taken in late November. When I actualy had the review I was told to make a GP appointment as my blood sugars were high, I made the appointment for January 7th. On January 4th I had to go to...