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  1. R

    Lowering carb intake - newly diagnosed T2

    Hi all, I was diagnosed only 4 days ago now and am on insulin and metformin. I’ve been reading a lot lately about lowering card and sugar intake- what I would like to know is what is a decent carb intake level? How low is low? Yesterday I had roughly 80g carbs for the whole day- would people say...
  2. F

    The pasta problem (and the resistant starch solution?)

    I hope you can help with a little conundrum! My young son loves pasta so we are trying to find a way he can eat it without the usual going low and then high for hours. This is what we have tried so far... Portion control - 130g cooked pasta = 44g carb. Served with protein - bolognaise and...
  3. Martin9

    Missing Pasta ?

    If you miss pasta like I do on a low carbs diet, I came across Soy bean spaghetti in Aldi the other day an acceptable alternative and much lower carbs than wheat spaghetti i.e. Under 7g for soy bean Vs around 35g of carbs in wheat version per 50g of dried product. I liked it and while not...
  4. MikeTurin

    Egg tagliatelle

    Today I ate a dish of egg Tagliatelle Emiliane #174 made by Barilla. You can see the package in pgoto, with a pork sausage sauce and after two houus my Bg was 6.2. They definitively aren't low carb 65 grams for 100g a d 375 calories, but compared with regular pasta they are a slower release due...