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newly diagnosed type 1

  1. T

    Recently diagnosed T2

    Hi I have been recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes. At the end of February, I experienced blurred vision, alongside being constantly thirsty and having to get up several times a night to pee, so I contacted my GP to request a test for diabetes. My HbA1c came as 85, and I was given an appointment...
  2. NealSawyer


    Howdy I am Neal Sawyer. I am a newly diagnosed Type One Diabetic. It is in the gene pool but at the age of 35, I thought I'd dodged the bullet. Unfortunately, it caught me and got me in the end and it did so with an act of great vengeance in the form of a DKA. I'm still in the first few weeks...
  3. Diabetes UK

    Type 1 bag for Parents

    Our Type 1 bag is specifically designed for parents who have a child who has been newly diagnosed. It’s a support pack and contains information, resources and stories from other families to help parents come to terms with what a new Type 1 diagnosis means. The Type 1 bag includes: A parent’s...
  4. Amity Island

    Carry on regardless

    "Carry on regardless" chirped the Beautiful South in 1994 -- a line which helps me in those difficult times. When I was diagnosed I was in my last year at University. It was fairly sudden the way it happened. Over the period of a few weeks I started drinking ridiculous amounts of water, very...
  5. H

    Newly diagnosed type 1!

    hey, I have had type 1 for about a month and a half now and although I have managed to get a hang of this new routine, I would be grateful for some top tips about dealing with type 1 and any tips and tricks you think it would be worth me knowing! thanks!
  6. Luke

    Eyesight after diagnosis

    Hi all, I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 last week after going to the doctors/hospital to check my symptoms, one of which was seriously blurred vision. Ive worn glasses for about 10 years now and I've found especially in the last 3/4 that my eyes were pretty bad without (and extremely bad...
  7. Frustrated Artist

    19, newly diagnosed, and sassy

    Hello everyone! Bit nervous about all this but here goes : my 19 year old daughter was diagnosed 6 days ago with Type 1. Her blood sugar was 22 and she had max ketones. The other funny reading thing was 148. Big big shock to us all. I have been reading, crying, worrying, crying, unable to eat...
  8. B

    My partner was diagnosed with type 1 in less than 24 hours

    Hello all, Hope you are having a good Monday. My partner was diagnosed with type 1 on Friday and whilst he is coping amazingly so far considering, it is a huge amount to take in. I don't think the shock has set in and I am worried for him when it does. Currently he seems to be coping better...