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  1. Jaynibobs

    Hello x

    Hello everyone! I’m Jayne (34 yo) I’m not newly diagnosed but im type 2. I’m terrible at controlling it, I always seem to have an excuse, either I have a migraine or I feel sick if I eat in the morning etc etc. but I’m over all that now! No time like the present so here’s my fresh start. I’m off...
  2. N

    New T1 aches and pains

    Hi all, My first ever post here. I don’t know any type 1 diabetics in person so I brought my curiosity here Hope anyone reading this is well :) I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last September at the age of 19 I’m still very new to It and definitely not come to terms with my diagnosis but...
  3. A

    Newbie T1

    Hi all, Have been meaning to introduce myself for a while and think now is as good a time as any. I was diagnosed back in March 2021 after ignoring/not realising symptoms over the preceding 6 months. Having not put all the pieces together I just thought it was stress and would resolve after...
  4. R

    Hi new to group

    Hi everyone, Been diagnosed with type 2 this week, given Metformin, not really been explained what going to happen, what diet to change/follow. Wasn't having any symptoms, but it was found during a blood test for something else ‍♀️. Have ordered the diet booklet from website, but overall, bit...
  5. R

    Newly Diagnosed!

    Hi all, newly diagnosed type2, yesterday in fact!. I am taking metformin and insulin injections in the morning. I’m 26 so was a very real shock to me. Reading through the literature and not really understanding what I can and can’t eat, like, am I allowed a baked potato??? - will be using this...
  6. D

    New to the forum!

    Hey lovely people! I've never used a forum before! My name is Emily - I go by Em most of the time though! I have been running an instagram account for around 2 years called @dolceanddiabetic and I have just set up a blog dolceanddiabetic.wordpress.com - ready to be more open and honest about my...
  7. T

    Hi! Newbie here.

    Hey people! :) My name is Cristiana and I'm 27 - I've been riding the rollercoaster of the 'betes now for 16 years. My fiancé told me to explore the world of forums because it's something i've never really participated in. Up until about two years ago I was very reserved about my diabetes and...
  8. Neens

    Hi - New

    New to this forum and new to Type 2 Diabetes. Diagnosed less than 3 weeks ago, straight onto Metaformin and researching like mad. Thank goodness for this forum/website! Still having bloods tested for functions and levels and the fasting test got missed (?!) trying to exercise - my body has been...
  9. Bullet1954


    hi everyone Just joined and saying hello. Going to have a browse around the site, get to know what's on here and what's happening. Glenn.
  10. Ailsa d mumto 5

    Mum to 16month old newly diagnosed with type 1.

    Hey I'm new, daughter diagnosed after DKA on wed. Still in hospital and have absolute fear of going home and this being in my hands. Also returning to work, the thought fills me with dread. Has anyone felt it best to leave work?
  11. K

    Pregnant, type 2 and new to injecting. Advice needed.

    Hiya, I've been a t2 for about 5 years and its been very poorly managed, thanks to hardly any help from nurses who told me i had it, gave me some tablets and told me to eat healthy. Mate. So now im pregnant and injecting. 31 weeks. Been on abasaglar for about 5 months and thats fine, always...
  12. L


    Hi, I'm Labs1, I'm 49, Type 2 diabetic. Ive been given a Libre machine by my Diabetes Nurse. Since 2 weeks GP & DN have been arguing who's going to prescribe the sensors. I'm so fed up and bought 1 sensor for £53 on my credit card. I'm a complex Type 2 case & need my sugars to come down to 50...
  13. NatashaElaine

    Just diagnosed 48 hours ago!

    Hey to anyone reading this! First thanks for taking the time to read this.. I am newly diagnosed Type 1 but not new to the world of diabetes. I also suffer with depression and I'm worried once I leave hospital I won't manage myself well. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? Thanks in...
  14. Gricep

    New one

    I am newly diagnosed and had a reading today of 15...very worried but very determind to beat this issue, some supportive answers please lol
  15. K

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone I'm Kerrie! New here and my first post! (TYPE 1 Diabetic since 2002 and diagnosed Coeliac since 2003) :):)
  16. D

    New to this site and Diabetes

    Hi Everyone, Need help and advice on my Bloods. The second blood test at GP was 48 last week, the previous one 47 3 weeks ago. GP advised border line and lifestyle changes. That was it! Turned to this for help and advice and found it good so far, but confusing. My first steps, stopped all...
  17. Martin9

    Barenaked foods...

    hi all just wanted to let you all know of a new product line called as above, they are a line of noodles, rice and spaghetti which are really low carbs etc.. I’ve had the noodles tonight and very good....these originally featured on Dragons Den https://www.barenakedfoods.co.uk/
  18. KathyJay

    (Not so) New Pharmacist with the ‘betes...

    Hi everyone :) I’m Kathy and I’ve been T1 for 18yrs this year (hence the “Not so”). Looking forward to connecting with some other diabetics and HCPs with the condition. Hope to meet some of you here xx
  19. RoyalBlood

    Hello everyone :)

    Afternoon all! New to the forum and hoping to learn more and help out where I can :) I've been T1 for almost 4 years now so still learning each day but have also learned a lot in that time. Looking forward to meeting you all in due course. RoyalBlood
  20. H


    I am a newly diagnosed type 1, about 1.5 months. I am on novorapid insulin and levemir insulin (fast acting and background). I'm after some advice on snacking. What and how can I snack without it changing my blood sugar levels too much? Do snacks always have to be under 10g of carbs or can I...