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  2. JSWells

    First DUK Forum Recruit! Type 2 Diabetes Research Study

    Hello all, On of the forum members has kindly participated in our research study and posted their response in the following thread It would be great to have some more participants from...
  3. C

    Carby snacks without spiking - help!

    Hi everyone, I am new the forum and hoping to get a bit of help. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with GD since 12 weeks. I'm currently diet and excercise controlled and keen to keep it that way as long as I'm able (I know that it can go beyond my control as the insulin resistance...
  4. ColinUK

    Weight loss ups and downs - 800 Calorie - Newcastle

    Diagnosed last week. In a rather unsatisfactory manner. (See my Bit of a Shock) thread in Newbies. I’ve been 16st something for a while now and I know I really needed to shift at least three stone... worth noting that max weight over the last four years has been recorded at 17 1/2 stone. Just...
  5. JSWells

    Type 2 Diabetes Research Project Open- Understanding patient medication behaviour

    Dear forum users, My name is Josh Wells, I'm a PhD researcher based at Kingston University. We are currently running a research project open to patients with Type 2 Diabetes to better understand relationships people have with their diabetes medication. We have a designed a tool that we hope...
  6. Bullet1954

    Confused with readings.

    hi all, Male type2 on tablets. Recently had my medication increased and started checking bloods, pre Breakfast, Lunch and Evening meal, then before bed. AM 160mg Gliclazide 2 x 500mg Metformin PM 160mg Gliclazide 2 x 500mg Metformin What is confusing me are readings. E.g.: one night before...
  7. B

    I don't know if this is good or bad

    I have been using a finger prick meter to record my blood sugar levels for the past 4 weeks I don't have a good relation ship with my diabetic nurse and need some help from here. I was told to aim for readings of 5-6 but not lower than 4. I take reading before breakfast and evening meal then...
  8. Karajane

    Started Meds - Sugars still high, is that normal?

    Hi guys, I know this is early days, but I've had three days of Alogliptin now, and my sugars are still as high as they were before. I know it might be a tablet that takes a while to kick in, I just wondered how long it should take to start working? So I can give it the right amount of time to...
  9. Karajane

    Finally spoken to Dr, finally got HBA1c, what do I do next?! :S

    Hi all, Im not sure if you remember me, but I posted about being diagnosed and feeling like it was my fault. Thankfully, you guys were amazing and Im doing a bit better mentally. 3 weeks after the letter just popped on the doormat, I have finally spoken to a Dr and found out my HBA1c is...
  10. J

    New to DiabetesUK but not to diabetes.

    I'm June and though I have had diabetes for 15 years I have never joined any diabetic support groups and really feel the need to do this now. I dont seem to have anyone whom I can discuss any problems with. Need some advice about 'foot neuropothy' which is proving difficult for me at the moment...
  11. E

    Question on Travelling for Type 1 Diabetes

    Hi, So my best friend and I are planning on going travelling for a year (maybe 18 months) around most of Asia and Australia and NZ. So I need help on what to do about my medication!! I have lots of medical conditions including type 1 diabetes. I've just been to see my GP and she said she can...
  12. Starkss

    Im 25 and I've basically just cried and cried

    Two days ago I was given the heads up I was a type 2 diabetic when i went to the doctors about a sinus infection and when I started to ask questions (especially since this blood test was done 7 months ago with nobody telling me in the meantime) I got told to make an appointment for a further...