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  1. Ralph-YK

    Getting to and from the hospital, Age UK

    I think I've posted before that some people can get hospital transport for appointments. When I first used it it was mostly volunteers in ordinary saloon cars. Ocastionally a minibus/van driven by an "ambulance" person. At lease some say Ambulance on, even though they're not the medical thing...
  2. NealSawyer


    Howdy I am Neal Sawyer. I am a newly diagnosed Type One Diabetic. It is in the gene pool but at the age of 35, I thought I'd dodged the bullet. Unfortunately, it caught me and got me in the end and it did so with an act of great vengeance in the form of a DKA. I'm still in the first few weeks...
  3. Ralph-YK

    Getting to hospital - transport & claiming expenses

    I was reminded recently that it's possible for some people (inc. on certain benefits etc) to claim travel expenses when attending hospital appointments. (I think it doesn't apply for A&E visits :(.) In the 2 areas I deal with, this can be done at the hospitals themselfs. You may need proof of...
  4. Ralph-YK

    Hospital Lunch

    Soup and salad with pasta.
  5. Ralph-YK


    655pm Fall in street, on way to train station for night out. Very light headed. Sat sitting on bench and in bus station till. 8:45pm BG 15.4 9:30 pm Hospital Low blood pressure. Just had x-ray (12:15am) (thinks of gamma ray machine from Incrdibal Hulk) In a smaller bay without my bag or...
  6. S

    Care during pregnancy

    I'd quite like to hear other Type 1 diabetics experience, please. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and so far quite lost in terms of hospital care for us diabetics during pregnancy. I miscarried back in September, but before this I was offered a viability scan and met the consultants at 7 weeks. I then...
  7. Diabetes UK

    Managing diabetes when in hospital - Getting good inpatient care

    Being in hospital can be a worrying time and we want to make sure you have all the information you need. You can download our inpatient information sheet which explains the care you should receive in hospital. You can download the Inpatient information sheet (PDF, 70KB) You can download the...
  8. KathyJay

    Postponed, again!

    Hi everyone I’m on here for some advice in regards to my options. I’m a T1 (~18yrs) and a pumper (~10yrs) and have been under hospital care for clinic appointments etc. which I usually attend every 3-4mo (a stipulation of having the pump). Regardless of my control I have only ever once missed...
  9. Happydays

    NHS cost cutting

    Hi to everyone i am new on here. Just to advise that the NHS are in a cost cutting process at this time. I was referred to the hospital diabetic section about 3 years ago. The hospital have had to look after my meds in that time the meds were changed 4 times till they found the correct meds that...
  10. Stefan Diabetes UK

    Diabetes care in hospital: your thoughts?

    MPs are getting started on an inquiry in to diabetes care in hospital, and are looking for anyone with experience, good or bad, to share their comments. We know these reports come out much better if people living with diabetes are involved from the start, so if you have a minute to give your...
  11. J

    Gangrenous & Perforated Appendix removal but high persistent sugar post surgery

    Hi, I'm type 1 since 1996, insulin pump 2013. I had my appendix removed 2 weeks ago after suffering with symptoms for 5 days before a doctor took me seriously. They performed an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy and found my appendix was gangrenous and perforated and was spilling into my...
  12. @Fractis

    Consultation on proposals to cut sales of sugary drinks in hospitals

    As was discussed in the "In the news" section of the forum in November, NHS England is consulting with patients and the public to have their about plans to cut sales of sugary drinks in hospitals. There are two proposals being put forward; A fee to be paid by vendors An outright ban It's about...
  13. L

    Looking for answers...

    Actually in hospital for a mental health complaint just now, but thought I'd try the diabetes forum to get some answers for some questions I have. Been trying to look after myself, but stress and a troubled environment is making this difficult, so am seeking some support on here... hopefully I...
  14. Ralph-YK

    Better hospital food.

    Food is much better at this hospital. I believe the other used cheap ready meals. This looks like prepared food. Hospital lunch by Ralph-YK posted May 13, 2016 at 12:56 PM
  15. Ralph-YK

    One year aniversary

    It's the one year aniversary of my diagnoses. On the 1st December I went into hospital with an infection (cellulitis, second bout). This is why I was diagnosed. On the 10th I was actually told I'm diabetic. I suspect they'd decided I was by the 4th.