1. ColinUK

    HbA1C update

    Thought I’d share.... my HbA1C is now 38!
  2. LittleSunflower


    Hello everyone, I’m new here! Today I received my blood test results from a fasting glucose (had to be done as my HBA1C levels came back abnormal) and I’ve been told that my levels fall within the prediabetic range. I have an appointment with my GP next week to discuss this further but I’m just...
  3. Martin9

    Metformin reduction.

    Hi have been to GP today who wanted to reduce my Metformin to once daily, I have been on twice daily recently and I’m worried that the reduction will have a adverse effect on blood glucose levels. How have others found reducing their Metformin ...?
  4. Ralph-YK

    Diabetic Nurse

    Had review today. Saw the diabetic nurse (practice nurse). It's all just pointless. Also, HbA1c: 58
  5. L

    hba1c says prediabetes, blood glucose appears normal

    How many of you have been 'diagnosed with pre-diabetes ' solely on the basis of hba1c? Has anyone else found a big discrepancy between hba1c and blood sugar results? Ok so my hba1c was 43 last April, doc said do low carbs, but still hba1c was 44 in July and still 44 in November, despite very...
  6. Northerner

    Study suggests new HbA1c ‘sweet spot’ to reduce risks of complications in type 1 diabetes

    Scientists from the universities of Gothenburg and Linköping in Sweden have suggested a new HbA1c ‘sweet spot’ in order to minimise the risk of complications in type 1 diabetes. Findings published in the British Medical Journal showed that the risk of complications associated with type 1...
  7. Karajane

    Finally spoken to Dr, finally got HBA1c, what do I do next?! :S

    Hi all, Im not sure if you remember me, but I posted about being diagnosed and feeling like it was my fault. Thankfully, you guys were amazing and Im doing a bit better mentally. 3 weeks after the letter just popped on the doormat, I have finally spoken to a Dr and found out my HBA1c is...
  8. J

    HbA1c blues

    So depressed. I was diagnosed type 2 in November with HbA1c of 51. Four months on, after cutting way down on carbs and increasing exercise, my level is still the same. I have managed to lose only 6lb, which is pathetic. What am I doing wrong? So much contradictory diet info. High carb, low carb...
  9. Northerner

    A1c test misses many cases of diabetes

    Using the hemoglobin A1c blood test to diagnose diabetes tends to underestimate the prevalence of the disease, according to a new study to be presented Saturday, March 23 at ENDO 2019, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting in New Orleans, La. "Based on our findings, A1c should not be solely...
  10. AdeleTurner72

    My 1st diaversary, the scores are in....

    Next week marks 12 months from my type 2 diagnosis. Had my annual review today, and my Hba1c is now 41. Really pleased with this result, which I believe has definitely been achieved by following the great advice on this forum, and the Xpert diabetes course. The only thing which has puzzled me...
  11. KARNAK

    Too Good at Controlling it.

    It`s a beautiful Sunday in Torbay:). Just strolling through the forum reading and commenting, before we stroll down to the beach. (200yds). Thought a good time to let you know my latest HbA1c results. Dx. October 2017 @156: December 2017 @48: April 2018 @48: June 20 2018 @38:D. Saw the DSN and...
  12. Luke

    Low HbA1c?

    Hey so, I was diagnosed with type 1diabetes 1 year ago and last week had my 1 year hbA1c - which came back today. It was 5.4- My nurse says it’s way too low - according to the sheet it’s ‘non diabetic’ but I thought that’s perfect because I fear the consequences of high blood sugar and do...
  13. KateL00

    HbA1c Control

    Hi, I know there might already be a forum like this but i am unable to find it. I have really struggled with my diabetes. I really find it difficult and my HbA1c isn't too good either it is 87. So i would like to know if there is anything that has helped you to get control of your bloods? And...
  14. T

    So far so good, but worrying it might not last.

    Sorry I know this one has been covered many times but I know people have had varying degrees of success with this. I was diagnosed with Type 2 in October, was briefly "definitely" type 1 due to my weight 13 stone'ish and age 33, but that turned out to be a nurse who didn't know enough about...
  15. nickinwarwick

    Update: HbA1c result in

    Quick recap - diagnosed type 2 in Sep 2015, didn't really address it or make any lifestyle changes. Fastforward to Sep 2017, had a tough speaking-to by DSN and started participating here. I've been trying to be fully low-carb and have increased exercise since September. Still overweight but it's...
  16. Northerner

    HbA1c Converter

    Converts %-age to mmol/mol and vice versa, and gives estimated average BG: https://www.hba1cnet.com/hba1c-calculator/
  17. CharleyWheeler

    HbA1C Result...

    Hi there, I'm new here, so please forgive any mistakes I make whilst posting! I've recently gotten my HbA1C result back, and due to complications with my mental health I've not been looking after my type one diabetes AT ALL, and my result is 11mmol/l :( I know this is terrible, but I've taken...
  18. RobK

    HbA1c Test Totally amazed!

    After having an HbA1c of 70 in early March I'm amazed that my latest on 24th May has dropped to 39 ! Its been incredibly hard work over the last 3 months with the diet and exercise but getting a result like that is far better than I could ever had imagined, To say I'm over the moon is an...
  19. Ralph-YK

    HbA1c, 46 again

    Got results today and it's 46 again. Last time, Feb, it was 47.
  20. A

    Hba1c calculation formula

    I wanted to know how to calculate your hba1c. I'm using mmol/L. I was thinking this was the right formula below. Please help me out A1c = (2.59 + average_blood_glucose) / 1.59