1. R

    Hello and a question

    Hi all, I was diagnosed T2 a few years back and am now eating low carb, but I've found that today, after some food I'm feeling quite light-headed/confused, want to eat more and aching a little. Thought I'd do a quick test and it came back as 6.3 - does anyone have any clue what's going on? It's...
  2. ColinUK

    Rice cooker that removes the sugars....

    Someone on Facebook mentioned this. I’d never heard of it before but it seems like magic mixed with science stuff. Apparently it cooks rice in a way that it removes the carbs and is therefore ok for diabetics.
  3. H

    Too much protein?

    Is there such a thing if Diabetic type 2? Ive just looked on myfitnesspal and I'm regularly going well over on one thing and that is protein. Thing is I'm only eating a maximum usually of 1600 calories. Am I doing something wrong eating so much meat? I must admit I do feel tired a lot but I...
  4. S

    Survey- How has diabetes affected your mood and eating habits?

    Hi everyone! I hope you are well. I am a final year pharmacy student conducting research on the impact of diabetes on mood and eating habits. If you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and are over the age of 18, i would greatly appreciate if you could fill out my survey below. Every...
  5. Ralph-YK

    Hospital Lunch

    Soup and salad with pasta.
  6. B

    Feeling stuck

    Hi, I've been diagnosed since the start of July. I've been trying to make changes, I'm eating a bit more healthily but not enough. I haven't lost any weight and I'm feeling like there's no point. I'm not even sure what I'm after by posting here. I'm TERRIBLE at portion control. I can eat...
  7. K

    Artificial flavourings.

    This is less for me and more for a friend, I'm planning to make some experimental a mocktails for a friend with type 1 at a coming party and wasn't sure if things like flavoured extracts usually used in baking are safe for him to have. Their listed ingredients are "Propylene Glycol, Alcohol...
  8. W

    Cold toast or hot toast which is better?

    What do others do? Been told about cooling certain foods like potatoes and pasta = resistance starch. What foods do you eat cold from cooked?
  9. W

    Linda McCartney foods

    I just want to say I tried the quarter pound mozarella burgers tonight for tea; they were awesome! Iceland sell them 2 burgers for £1.50. Try them yourself and see but I seriously enjoyed them. May not be some peoples taste but each to their own IMO;);););)
  10. A

    Starting University Netball Team

    Hello, I was diagnosed in February with Type 1 Diabetes, and am still learning how to deal with it best in different situations. I recently trialled and got onto the university netball team where I study which I am very happy with. However, I wanted to ask if anyone had any advice to dealing...
  11. MrsPeel

    In LOVE with Recipe Finder & Diabetes & Me!!!

    I had come to the site quiet a long time ago, but only found the recipe finder when I came back recently, the "Diabetes & me" that allows you to save the recipes is amazing, and I have tried some of the recipes and OH MY!!!! awesome!!! I probably mentioned this in another post (my brain is...
  12. Glenny12

    Best Takeaway Food For Diabetes Type 2

    Hi All, I am a newly diagnosed diabetic and do enjoy the occasional takeaway here and there. Has any one any suggestions for the best takeaway to buy? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  13. neil bowman

    Chutney Recipes

    Hi, I'm new to using the forum ... stumbled onto it while 'googling' for some sugar free recipes for chutney ... and I'm looking for help in find a solution. I'm type 2 diabetic and love growing stuff on my allotment and then turning the produce into good quality, good to eat food. The last...
  14. Sandie

    New girl on the block ...

    Hi there, My name is Sandie and I have just joined this site. I am type 2 and struggling with what I am supposed to eat. I have gone back to basics and try to eat no processed food, lots of leafy stuff and nuts etc. but my blood glucose is still high... what am I doing wrong?
  15. G

    BG up and down even with same food??

    I just cant understand my weird diabetic. I have regular breakfast with low carb bread (5g carb) + crunchy natural peanut butter (1.4g carb per serve) and 250ml of unsweetened almond milk (0.8g carb). 2 hours after eating, some day my Bg increases by 1.2m and other day 2m. Today it increase up...
  16. N

    Diagnosed with gestational diabetes (28 weeks) help?

    Hello everyone! There's a long, and extensive family history of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in my family. Between 24 and 26 weeks I started getting really, really tired and thirsty and feeling incredibly giddy. I also began losing weight. At my 26 week midwife appointment there was sugar in my...
  17. Lanny

    Chinese chicken sweetcorn soup

    Recipe for chicken sweetcorn soup 198g tinned sweetcorn green giant chicken, raw is best but, cooked is fine 1 or 2 egg/s (depending on how thick you like your soup) 800ml water (2 servings or 3 rice bowls) 1 oxo veg Optional splash 0.5tsp sesame oil toasted tesco Method 1. Mince raw chicken...
  18. Tonio


    I am newly diagnosed only 4 weeks ago , type 2. I’ve always been quite slim and notice I didn’t feel the same and was losing weight so went doctors. Currently on 4 Metformin ( 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening) and 2 gliclazade ( 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) I work shifts so tend...
  19. Lanny

    Chinese Prawn Curry Rice Vermicelli

    I love a good chinese curry, has to be chinese as I don’t like any other kind, & exprimented for years to find a recipe that didn’t raise my blood sugars sky high. REALLY missed my family restaurant’s curry when we sold the business!!! That DID raise my sugars & had to add extra novomorm tablets...
  20. Lanny

    Ms Molly’s choc ices

    kaylz posted a link recently for these at tesco. I can’t remember where she posted it & I can’t find it now. They were only £1 for a box of 8 at tesco. I bought & tried one after my dinner just now. They are absolutely delicious, creamy ice cream & thin crisp chocolate. At only 72.88cals 8.94g...