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  1. H

    Blurriness in eyes/floaters

    I have diabetic retinopathy was diagnosed a few years ago now. I managed to put my diabetes in remission but after a really bad time became diabetic type 2 again. I had blood sugar levels of 11.4 which have come down to 6.4 so now considered prediabetic. The nurse said because of the drastic...
  2. Neens

    Help for First Diabetic Eye Screening

    4 days ago I had my first appointment and I was properly scared. I have an instinctive reaction (fright/flight) to close my eyes when any foreign object gets anywhere near them. I am also fairly useless with eye drops and know from experience a procedure which should be simple will take several...
  3. moonwanderingwoo

    Eye conditions post laser surgery?

    Hi all, I had my first two sessions of laser surgery, just on my left eye, in July this year. So far I haven't felt any negative repercussions (no changes in vision etc) but I've been having an odd symptom for about the last two weeks or so which I'm wondering could be linked to the laser...
  4. Asia

    Hello fellow diabetics

    I'm 30, type 1 for approx 20 years. Insulin pump for around 10 years, various meds and complications. I'm a student biomedical scientist after working in medical care roles. I'd like to hear from people with proliferative retinopathy. I've signed the papers for pan-laser, they're really...
  5. Ralph-YK

    Touch of glaucoma

    Just had ophthalmogy appointment at the hospital. Got a touch of glaucoma. Fields of view test shows thats a little off. See me again in six month.
  6. Roger Bulpitt

    Help! Blurred vision!

    As a new arrival at this site I would welcome some advice. I am a type 2 and recently, about a month ago, I vision changed so that I had to go for another eye test. I received my new glasses but have found that my eyesight has changed again. Having consulted my optician and my GP, my doctor...
  7. Luke

    Eyesight after diagnosis

    Hi all, I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 last week after going to the doctors/hospital to check my symptoms, one of which was seriously blurred vision. Ive worn glasses for about 10 years now and I've found especially in the last 3/4 that my eyes were pretty bad without (and extremely bad...
  8. Barsha

    R2 retinopathy

    Hello, This is my first post, and it's a needy request for happy stories please. Having ignored my T2 diabetes for 13 yrs, I finally started to turn things round in 2011. However, as a result my eyes have deteriorated and I was told today that my left eye has now progressed to R2, while my...
  9. sPuRs7402

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi Have recently been diagnosed with type 2 and just getting used to the testing, monitoring and change of diet. Actually loving the dietary change as my old diet was getting a bit boring and bland to be honest. Not so keen on the testing bit but goes with the territory I guess. Weirdest thing...
  10. Northerner

    Eye risk from 'overstretched NHS'

    Eye specialists say hundreds of patients suffer irreversible sight loss every year in England because services are overstretched and under-resourced. The president of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Prof Carrie MacEwen, writing for the BBC's Scrubbing Up, warns the NHS is struggling to...