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  1. I

    Type2 cases for different paths

    All sensible Type 1 diabetics count carbohydrates Yet many would claim this isn't good for Type 2 diabetics - why is this? 1. They claim it upsets Type 2's and causes poor mental health. 2. They say that 'eating less and moving more' is enough. 3. They agree with the NHS, GPs (and( apparently...
  2. ColinUK

    Carbs & Cals App

    Just downloaded the Carbs & Cals app and looking for guidance on the macros. Or thinking I just use it for getting to grips with carb awareness and adjust macros later on maybe? Thoughts, comments, advice etc welcome as always. Colin
  3. J

    Best Low Carb App

    Hi, Although I’ve had type 2 diabetes for a while this is my first post here. Most of the low carb apps I’ve looked at are based on a monthly subscription, which is fine., but choosing from the many available is difficult, particularly as some are US centric. Can anyone recommend a good app...
  4. R

    Lowering carb intake - newly diagnosed T2

    Hi all, I was diagnosed only 4 days ago now and am on insulin and metformin. I’ve been reading a lot lately about lowering card and sugar intake- what I would like to know is what is a decent carb intake level? How low is low? Yesterday I had roughly 80g carbs for the whole day- would people say...
  5. H

    Crisps (I know)

    I've recently come across some crisps called popchips! They are popped not fried and don't seem to spike my blood sugar anywhere near as much as fried ones. Anyone else have same experience or have any other crisps that don't cause massive spikes? I have to be careful with the amount I have...
  6. T

    RESTAURANTS! WHERE’S THE CARB INFO!? (Newly diagnosed Type 1)

    WHERE CAN I EAT AND REQUEST CARB INFO ON THE MENU? Hi there my fellow diabetics, So I was recently diagnosed as type 1, and have been put on the “advanced diabetes” course as I’m now carb counting my meals and snacks. I’m getting the hang of it but it gets harder when you go out to...
  7. S


    hi, my husband was 1 point into being pre diabetic a few months ago. He tried really hard with his diet and has now dropped to one point below being pre diabetic. The problem is that he is 6ft tall and weighs 11st 3lbs, so certainly not overweight. Both his parents had type 2 and his father...
  8. Lizzzie

    BBC programme truth about carbs

    Did anyone see this? Has it widely been discussed somewhere here yet (I was watching it on I player) what did everyone think?
  9. R

    Carb labeling

    hi, I’m a type 2 newbie trying to get my head around food labelling. In respect of carbs, if the ‘of which are sugar’ is low, does that mean the over all carbs per portion is ok?? By which I mean, is the ‘carbohydrates of which are sugar’ the important bit. Also are complex carbs better than...
  10. B

    BG after meals

    Hello I am sorry to be a bother to you all today, I was wondering if anyone could help me I'm a little confused in regards to counting Carbs, ill list my issue below. Before a meal my sugars can be 7, I do my insulin 20mins before my meal, for breakfast it was porridge and a banana, it started...
  11. W

    Cold toast or hot toast which is better?

    What do others do? Been told about cooling certain foods like potatoes and pasta = resistance starch. What foods do you eat cold from cooked?
  12. AMcG

    Type 1: Post-hypo healthy 20g long-acting carb snack for Backpacking

    Hi there I was diagnosed type 1 in March so just getting to grips with everything! I am going travelling soon to South East Asia and need to carry with me some emergency long-acting carb hypo treatments with me, roughly about 20g and I want them low fat and low sugar as I've put weight on since...
  13. Ralph-YK

    Dead Weight - BBC 4 Drama

    Dead Weight - BBC Radio 4 Drama (14 episodes, 15 min each) They're talking details about diabetes. Today one character was explaining keytonitis (don't know how accurate it is). Another mentioned their diabetic uncle. Who, if he had too much carbs, it made his diabetis "flare up", he got...
  14. robert@fm

    Five signs your carbohydrate intake is too low, according to a dietitian

    https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/carbohydrate-intake-low-carb-diet-symptoms-side-effects-weight-tired-cravings-a8331086.html :confused:o_O:mad: According to many of the article comments, the dietitian in question works for a breakfast-cereal company -- hardly an...
  15. M

    Any help please?

    Can someone explain to me the use of Lantus? Because it makes my sugars drop during the day I use nova rapid for the amount of carbs I eat and I've read online there's something in the medicine keeping you a patient which would make sense I can only find limited information about it and it's...
  16. T

    New favourite yoghurt

    Found these in Waitrose the other day currently on offer at 2 for £1.50. Also do a raspberry flavour. https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/lindahls-kvarg-vanilla/862283-653781-653782 3.5g of carb per 100g seems a winner to me? Anyone else tried these?
  17. T


    Without wanting to sound like a moaner i went to the DESMOND course yesterday and found it incredibly unhelpful and quite demotivating. Am i alone in thinking the NHS is just way too conservative in their advice? The LCHF diet has got me to where i am now, having lost lots of weight and getting...
  18. C

    up and down FBS

    Hb1Ac 54 mmol. last Aug, I am type 2 aged 75.This AM was 7.4 /7.8./8.1/10.1/ 7.5 last ate 1 am & took BS 10.30 am 2 day.why do BS's do this? i hate it when my fasting blood sugar is over 7. when it is i wait a short while and then do it again, and again and again until its under 7. that is why...
  19. Ralph-YK

    Food programme, Carbs fats and running

    Radio 4 The Food Programme (was on 12:30pm today), available online. They talked to a doctor (no idea of the name) who has written on diet (carb loading) and was taken up by runners. He later changed his mind and wrote in favour of high fat and low card. The programme can be played on this...
  20. L

    Brain fog related to carbs?

    Been reading about brain fog and how this could be related to having high levels of blood glucose in your body, making you tired, sluggish and very difficult to motivate yourself into doing anything. Realising now, that my carbs levels are quite high and that I should have more fruit and veg...