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binge eating

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    Pre-teen rebellion - peer support?

    Hi - my 11 year old has had type 1 since she was 11 months old so it’s not a new game! But what’s new is that she’s just at the point of realising what it actually means to have and live with this condition and understandably is pretty Pd off! She’s pretty independent, able to do everything...
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    Post binge spike

    Can anyone help? When I binge eat (or even just eat slightly worse than normal) I wake up with big spikes the next morning. Does anyone else experience this and have any advice? for example, the last occurrence.... 1) BG of 5 before eating and had my usual required amount of insulin according...
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    Best exercise to burn belly fat and get muscle at home

    I need help as I am fat and can’t go to my gym anymore because of this stupid covid-19 virus and I used to frequently exercise but I cannot now. I can’t buy equipment online as the delivery time is too ridiculously long to deliver. Someone please just give me a straight forward answer for a type...