bg levels

  1. ColinUK

    Apps - what’s your fav for logging results and monitoring?

    I make no apology for being an information sponge right now! Another question is about apps. I already use the Apple health app to record stats so I’ve update it to record BG levels too but the question is more about the specific BG apps like: Glucose Buddy One Drop and the others. Is there...
  2. ColinUK

    Weight loss ups and downs - 800 Calorie - Newcastle

    Diagnosed last week. In a rather unsatisfactory manner. (See my Bit of a Shock) thread in Newbies. I’ve been 16st something for a while now and I know I really needed to shift at least three stone... worth noting that max weight over the last four years has been recorded at 17 1/2 stone. Just...
  3. G

    BG up and down even with same food??

    I just cant understand my weird diabetic. I have regular breakfast with low carb bread (5g carb) + crunchy natural peanut butter (1.4g carb per serve) and 250ml of unsweetened almond milk (0.8g carb). 2 hours after eating, some day my Bg increases by 1.2m and other day 2m. Today it increase up...
  4. G

    My BG goes up and down after exercise!!!

    Anyone experienced this before? One day my BG after eating was 9 something and I went to gym joining body pump class for 1 hour and it went down to 5.9. But today my BG is just 6.2 before exercise and i ate some lowcarb bread (5g carb) with peanut butter (these things normally raise my bg up to...
  5. fairyhedgehog

    BG drops after eating porridge

    For the second day now my BG has dropped slightly an hour after eating porridge with banana. Yesterday: before eating 5.2; 1 hour later 4.3 Today: before eating 4.7; 1 hour later 4.5 When I eat anything else my BG rises after an hour, then falls back a bit after two hours but still...
  6. 1st Paradox

    Has anyone else used the FreeStyle Libra?

    So... a few months back I was asked to take part in some user testing of the new FreeStyle Libra. This clever little device was put on my arm and sat there for 2 weeks while it took constant reading of my BG, bye bye finger pricks. Without a doubt during this period I had the best control I have...