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28/01/2020 2

I used the blood sugar converter below (hope the link works) to input your results from 2012 to all be on the same basis of mmols/mol which is the modern measuring system.

Mar 2012: 30
Aug 2017: 50
May 2019: 50
Nov 2019: 73

To convert between mg/dl and mmol/L, use our blood sugar converter You can then convert average blood glucose levels back to HbA1c units with the calculator below.

The recommended HbA1c range for most with diabetes is to keep the value under 48 mmols/mol (under 6.5% in the old percentage units).

As you can see, you were very good in 2012, just in the diabetic level in 2017, maintained for 21 months, then shot up in 6 months. At a level of 73 I believe Metformin is usually prescribed straight away. The good news is that with diet and exercise, many people can bring down their levels, but you really need to be re-measured after 3 months to see whether the medication and lifestyle measures are working. Like you, mine shot up in just 6 months, but with hindsight, my diet had slipped, and 2 accidents with fractures meant I was not exercising for almost 20 weeks and had gained weight. Once I addressed the diet and exercise issues I reduced from 57 to 48 in 3 months. I expect you will need to ask to be re-tested within 3 months of starting the medication. If you think back over the period May-Nov, can you identify issues which may have caused the jump - stress being another major factor? If not already suggested you should ask to go on a Training Course. Others may have additional suggestions.
Your total cholesterol is high but has been fairly consistent. Diabetics are usually advised to get the level below 4. I can't recall if you are on statins - if not you may be recommended to take them.
Best wishes

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